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  1. Kiridashi Knife
    Kiridashi Knife
  2. Rebar Skinner
    Rebar Skinner
  3. Seraga Knife
    Seraga Knife
  4. Damascus Steel Skinner
    Damascus Steel Skinner
  5. Wenge Bushcraft Knife
    Wenge Bushcraft Knife
  6. Razor w/ hamon
    Razor w/ hamon
  7. Kiridashi Utility
    Kiridashi Utility
  8. Seahorse Razor
    Seahorse Razor
  9. Mahogany Skinner
    Mahogany Skinner
  10. Bushcraft Knife
    Bushcraft Knife
  11. Mini Cleaver
    Mini Cleaver
  12. Mesquite Skinner
    Mesquite Skinner
  13. Manzanita Elk Skinner
    Manzanita Elk Skinner
  14. Elk Skinner
    Elk Skinner
  15. Sycamore Bushcraft
    Sycamore Bushcraft
  16. Wenge Bushcraft
    Wenge Bushcraft
  17. Mini Skinner
    Mini Skinner
  18. Textured Skinner
    Textured Skinner
  19. Carving Knife
    Carving Knife
  20. Paring Knife
    Paring Knife
  21. Ironwood Skinner
    Ironwood Skinner
  22. Ironwood Fighter
    Ironwood Fighter
  23. American Tanto
    American Tanto
  24. Damascus Steel Kiridashi
    Damascus Steel Kiridashi
  25. Damascus Steel Ring Knife
    Damascus Steel Ring Knife
  26. Damascus Steel Bushcraft
    Damascus Steel Bushcraft
  27. Fighter knife
    Fighter knife
  28. Box Elder Skinner
    Box Elder Skinner
  29. Viking Friction Folder
    Viking Friction Folder
  30. Utility knife
    Utility knife
  31. Forged Nail Neck Knife
    Forged Nail Neck Knife
  32. Title 32
    Title 32
  33. Title 33
    Title 33
  34. Title 34
    Title 34
  1. Skull Pirate's Puzzle Box
    Skull Pirate's Puzzle Box
  2. Guitar Puzzle Box
    Guitar Puzzle Box
  3. Wooden Fidget Spinner
    Wooden Fidget Spinner
  4. Wooden Military Urn
    Wooden Military Urn
  5. Hand-carved wooden spoon.
    Hand-carved wooden spoon.
  6. Handcrafted Jewelry Box
    Handcrafted Jewelry Box
  7. Wooden Bottle Opener
    Wooden Bottle Opener
  8. Wooden Youtube Playbutton
    Wooden Youtube Playbutton
  9. Heartwood Illusion Tray
    Heartwood Illusion Tray
  10. Ribbon Box
    Ribbon Box
  11. Mesquite Burl Coffee Table
    Mesquite Burl Coffee Table
  12. Hand-crafted wooden box
    Hand-crafted wooden box
  13. Wooden Pinball Machine
    Wooden Pinball Machine
Tristan D.
This project, Wooden Pinball Machine, was a 2nd place winner in the “Toys, Games & Puzzles” woodworking contest. This project is not only made by hand, but contains over 400 pieces combined to make this project functional. It contains over 40 different species of wood, and was made of 90% scrapwood. I am very proud of this project, and is by far my favorite.
2nd place winner in the “Toys, Games & Puzzles” Woodworking Contest

~ Woodworkers Source Pheonix, AZ